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All · the · World's · a · Grand, · Grand · Stage

And we are merely the beautiful players..

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Réjouir, Mes Amis! L'été est arrivé presque!

..Rejoice, my friends, the Summer has almost arrived!

Though, I must sit here by the window, and toil away endlessly, drowning in an ocean of placing cold, soulless facts within anamnesis, I am reminded, as I look away through the panes of glass, that the warm rays of the Sun's favor, and the bountiful heaven of all that is alfresco will soon be mine. So, I mindlessly slave, my only glimmer of that phantom called hope being the mere breath of thought at the guerdon that cometh anon.

Ah, my dearest Ukon.. what dost thou muse about these proceedings? Are you, too, caught within the doldrums of this farce they call finals? Or have you made your grand exit, escaping it completely? Ah... I dream of what you have done, and only wish I could be so magnificent!

To everyone..fight hard, fight on, keep going...for the summer is nigh! If we finish this war...we will emerge victorious.. with the sweetest reward..months of freedom!

Take care, my compatriots, and keep your chins high! We are almost through!
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working slaving away
Current Music:
'The Dream Oath -- Maria and Draku' -- Nobuo Uematsu, FFVI
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You Are 10% Boyish and 90% Girlish

Even if you're not a girl, you're very feminine.
You're in touch with your feelings, and your heart rules you.
A bit of a emotional roller coaster, one moment you're up and the next you're down.
But no matter what, you try to be as cute and perky as possible.

I will not put it behind a cut, because I am not ashamed! I do not mind if I am more delicate than most...it means, I am much more exquisite as well...trés magnifiqué!

Bonné journeé, my friends..
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hopeful hopeful
Current Music:
'Hikari' -- Utada Hikaru
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Skimming over the musings of others...I found this in the Chemistry Professor's journal responses...a photo that said, "If you can't say anything nice, then say it on the internet."

I guess there must be some truth in it.. I found it to be quite amusing, after the rousing chorus of cacaphony we recieved earlier.

Meh, or rather that imbecile Sakon did. I have told him to lay off the Edwardian linguistics, and speak in a manner less of that of a bard, and more of a quiet, normal person..but, he assures me that "Speaking without this 'flair' makes him a dull, and lifeless character upon the living stage.." Bah. All it will do is get an earful of the brazen noises of illwishers. I may take a word from that Tayuya tart's mouth..."Fuck that." Being the sounding board for something like that again is not something I would relish, though I don't believe we will be able to escape it for long, due to the fact that Sakon prances about like a fairy, and speaks like something from The Brothers' Grimm. I think I know why he always calls me god-like and otherworldly...I was the one who inherited the brain between us.

Hmph. He's even too stupid to know when someone is being mean to him...He's just too innocent. Idiot. He's just going to get kicked down...and I don't want to have to hear it again..


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aggravated aggravated
Current Music:
'Scherzo di Notte' -- Yoko Shimimura
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Good morrow, my dearest contemporaries!

I know I have quietly been sitting in the wings for a quite many scenes, but, now I would like to formally announce my grand re-entrance to this beautiful stage we call Konoha, and the wonderful set we call High School.

I am so happy to see that everything is still so magnificent.... Ah, ah, ah..And to make matters even more lovely, I find that the week I decide to resurface into the audience's eye once more, there is a Cherry Blossom Festival! Ah! C'est merveilleux! I will definately make an apperance there...dressed in nothing less than a stunning kimono perfect for the occasion. Though, no matter how stunning I look, my dearest, beautiful Ukon will only make me pale exponentially in comparison. But, no matter...we all cannot be otherworldly like Ukon...so, I make do as I can. I cannot wait to see you all dressed as you are as well! I'm sure you will be intriguing delights, with shimmering garb the likes of which this town has never laid eyes upon! Come now! Let us all prepare, and not dissapoint! The grand performance of life is waiting!

To all I say...Bonne Journee! May Fate smile, and Life be nothing less than perfect for you!
Current Mood:
enthralled enthralled
Current Music:
'Passion-KINGDOM Orchestra version' -Tokyo Philharmonic
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